Dead Zone on the Cell

By Bible Geek

Dead zones on a cell phone

"Can you even remember what life was like before the cell phone?  How annoying is it when you're on the phone with someone and they go through one of those dead zones where they lose their signal strength, and for the next 30 seconds you can hear them moving their heads a half and inch at a time trying to get that strength back.  Our relationship with God is a lot like that.  So often I'm talking to God in my prayer life and I'll be heading into a dead zone on purpose, a dead zone of sin or of selfishness or of pride.  But luckily God does not get impatient God does not hang up.  God doesn't tell me just to call back.  God waits patiently for me to get that strength back up through prayer and through grace.  God is on the other end of the line.  He is the parent who is so thankful when His children take the time to call.  So today, this day avoid dead zones at all costs.  Call your heavenly Father in prayer.  God is wired in to the wireless."

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