The Eucharist

By Bible Geek

The Eucharist - defying human logic

"Matthew 26:26 tell us "Take and eat, this is my body," the Eucharist, the source and the summit of all Catholic faith.  It defies human logic, and some people have a hard time with that.  But Jesus defied human logic.  Jesus came to us not a royal baby on a throne, but a simple child in a manger.  He didn't live as a political powerful ruler, but as a common carpenter.  He desired not to be served, but to serve as He washed the feet.  Jesus the King wore a crown not made of gold but made of thorns.  Jesus was elevated not in social stature, but elevated naked and bloodied upon a cross.  C.S. Lewis once said, the command after all was "take and eat, not take and understand."  This Sunday, seek to know God in His holy Eucharist in a new way.  I'll see you at the dinner table."

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