Third Party Events

Looking for ways to help your favorite station? Are rummage sales and charity runs your thing? We could sure use your help!
Third Party Events
Every day we are blessed to hear how the Heavenly Father is working through Spirit FM to uplift, inspire and change lives!  Listeners throughout West Central Florida (and beyond) call, write and email to tell us how grateful they are that they can depend on Spirit FM to be a safe refuge for them and their families.  We're pretty grateful too! 


Many times our listeners are looking for a way to "give back" encourage other Christians in their daily walk, thank the Lord for their blessings, or simply to evangelize and share the gospel.  Many will make a gift and invest in the station.   Others will feel a call to "do more"and are looking for opportunities to give of their time and talent.  If this is you, a Third Party Event may be a good match.


So what is a third party event?  Well, basically it's when an individual, club/organization or business wants to do something fun to raise donations for the station; like maybe having a rummage sale, lemonade stand or art auction! The cool thing about third party event's anyone can do them and they can be as intricate or simple as you want.  So maybe hosting a black tie gala is your thing? Or maybe you want to host a neighbor bike ride--both are awesome in our eyes! 


Are you looking for a way to teach your kiddo(s) about "philanthropy" and giving back?  This may be the perfect way to get them involved with the station they love.   How about designating birthday party gifts or hosting a gift wrapping party around Christmas?  The more creative the better! The most important thing is, to have fun and know we are here to help!


We've included an A-Z guide for some fun fundraising ideas to help get you started. Also included in the links below are some policies and guidelines. Now, they may seem a bit intimidating, but don't let that stop you!  Just give us a call and we'll explain everything.  Are you ready to get going?!


For more information, call Danielle at 813.289.8040 ext. 231 or


Event Ideas

Planning and Promotion Tips

Policy and Guidelines

Proposal Application



What We CAN Do to Help:


  • Offer advice and expertise related to event planning
  • Provide a letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers
  • Send promotional materials, like bumper stickers for your event
  • Produce acknowledgment letters to individual donors. Tax receipts are issued at the end  of the year for gifts over $100.00. Please make sure to include name and address so that we may acknowledge gifts properly
  • If event fits within the context of Spirit FM's mission, we can post on our Community Calendar


What We Cannot Do


         Provide on-site staff or volunteer support at your event

         Provide insurance coverage

         Provide funding or reimbursement for expenses

         Solicit sponsorship revenue for your fundraising activities

         Provide on-air staff, priests or the Bishop for your event.

         Guarantee radio coverage for your event.

         Provide mailing lists of contributors, employees, volunteers or vendors

         Provide station or diocesan letterhead, place event fliers, posters or distribute other promotional material or guarantee attendance of staff, priests, Bishop or listeners at the event.



Thank you in advance for your support of Spirit FM 905.




Third Party Events should complement the mission, image and core values of Spirit FM 90.5, the Catholic Church and Christian lifestyle.   Companies or organizations whose mission conflicts with the mission or core values of Spirit FM 90.5 may not organize events to benefit the broadcast ministry. For more information, call Danielle at 813.289.8040 ext. 231 or




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