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Jars of Clay - Free Acoustic Album
Ellie Holcomb - "Collection" 6 tracks
Bluetree - "Demos" 3 tracks
Burlap to Cashmere - "From The Vault" 4 tracks
NewReleaseTuesday - Multiple artists including The Washington Projects - Multiple artists including Downhere, Phil Wickham, Silverline, and Derek Webb
Gungor - "Songs For Colorado" 3 tracks
George Moss - "It's Time"
Green River Ordinance - "Different (Anything At All)", "Endlessly", and "Come On"
All Sons & Daughters + Tim Timmons - 3 Songs including 2 live performances
FreeCCM - Multiple artist including Cloverton, Sara Groves, and Decyfer Down
Shawn McDonald - "What Are You Waiting For"
The City Harmonic - "A City on A Hill"
Punk Never Dies Vol. 2 - Multiple artists including Eleventyseven, and Olivia The Band
Green River Ordinance - "Chasing Down The Wind" EP
Manafest - "Fighter"
Jesusfreakhideout - "Songs We've Trying to Tell You About (And Others We Haven't) Vol 3 [30 songs from various artists]
Derek Webb - Lover EP (3 songs written over 10 years)
Thi'sl - "Sparta"
Robbie Seay Band - "Up To The Mountain"
Jars of Clay - "Eastside Manor Sessons"
Je'kob - "Super Duper Love"
UP TV - Multiple Artist including Jason Castro
Audrey Assad - "Good to Me" and "Come Thou Fount"
Thi'sl - "Majestic" Feat. Social Club
Ska Lives - Volume 3
Rhema Soul -  "Party Sleep Repeat"
Jesusfreakhideout - Multiple artists including David Thulin and Green River Ordinance
All Sons & Daughters - "Songs for Oklahoma" [Donations can be made to Convoy of Hope]
Jenny & Tyler - "Live at Studio A" and "Little Balloon"
The Vespers - 2 Full albums "The Fourth Wall" and "Tell Your Mama" + "Please"
Sandra McCracken - 7 album samplers totaling 32 tracks
Mike Mains & The Branches - "Home" full album + "Noises" off upcoming album
KB - "Who is KB?" 9 tracks
Keith & Kristyn Getty - "Awaken The Dawn" (4 tracks)
Derek Webb - "She Must and Shall Go Free" Full Album plus samples from 6 other albums
LeCrae - "Gravity: The Remix EP"
Satellites & Sirens - "Tell It"
Salvador - "Make Some Noise"
Robbie Seay Band - "Rich & Poor" Full Album
Willet - "Love On The Outside" Acoustic EP
Switchfoot - "Hello Hurricane" Live from Amsterdam
Chris August - "Unreleased"
Mike Mains & The Branches - "Miracle" and "Stereo"
Smalltown Poets - "Under the New Sun" (7 tracks)
Sarah Macintosh - "The Waiters, The Watchers, The Listeners, The Keepers, And Me" (12 tracks)
Esterlyn - "Woven"

KB - "Zone Out"
Json Ft. Mikeschair - "It's Alright"
Passionate Hope Vol 1 - Multiple artists including Press Play, An Epic No Less, and Showbread
Chris Sligh - "For Our God and King" 14 Tracks
Ginny Owens - "The Song"
Trent Monk - "Beautiful You"
Project 86 - 4 Tracks
Natalie LaRue - "Back to You" & "Humble Me"
Flatfoot 56 - "I Believe It"
Lecrae - "Church Clothes" 18 track mixtape
The Rocket Summer - "Bryce Avery His Instruments And Your Voices"
Jars of Clay - "Gather and Build: A Collection" (11 Tracks)
Sara Groves - "Invisible Empires" Acoustic EP (ft Steve Mason of Jars of Clay)
Kevin Max (Formerly of DC Talk) - Fiefdom of Angels
Jimmy Needham - "I Will Find You" (ft Lecrae)
We Are Leo - "I'm With You"
O.C. Supertones - "On The Downbeat"
Jars of Clay - Spring tour sampler
Starfield - "I Have Decided" & "Innocence and Other Things Lost"
Worth Dying For - "Freedom is Rising"
Switchfoot - 3 Live Tracks
Lov'd Ones Worship - Artist collaboration including Benjah
Trip Lee - "Robot"
After Edmund - "Monster" & "Birds"
Brooke Fraser - "Something in the Water" & "Ice on Her Lashes"
KJ-52 - "Let's Go" ft. Trevor McNevan
for King & Country - "Light it Up" & "Love's to Blame"
Five Iron Frenzy - "It Was A Dark And Stormy Night"
Leigh Nash - "Give Myself to You" & "Isaiah 55"
Plumb - Career Sampler including "Damaged" and "Blush"
Wavorly - "One More Try"
Worth Dying For - "Higher"
Jimmy Needham - "Yours to Take"
Building 429 - "Made For You"
NEEDTOBREATHE - "The Outsiders"
Eleventyseven - "Quota"
FM Static - "Crazy Mary" & "Definitely Maybe"
Eleventyseven - "Book of Secrets" (Acoustic)
Bellarive - The Being Human Project
Remedy Drive - "Rip Open The Skies"
Benjah - "Stripped Down: Unplugged" the Album
Benjah & Dillavou - "Psalms and Solos" the Album
The Letter Black - "Hanging By a Thread"
The Classic Crime - "Solar Powered Life"
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