Program Schedule



12am-4:30am   Overnights with Elle

4:30am              Divine Mercy Chaplet

4:55am              Today's Saint

5:15am              Sr. Ann Shields Food For The Journey

5:28am              Who Is Mary?

5:30am              The Rosary

5:55am              Growing in Grace

6-10am              The Big Big House Morning Show with Abby

8:50am              Religiously Devoted (Monday)

9:05am              Family Minute with Mark Merrill

10am-3pm          More Music Midday's with Davis Watts

11am                   Padre Pio Prayer, The Mass and the The Litany of the Saints

11:30am              Special Programming

     Monday - The Reason for our Hope with Father Larry Richards
     Tuesday - Catholic Apologetics or Spirit FM Special 
     Wednesday - Lighthouse Catholic Media
     Thursday - Christopher Closeup or Spirit FM Special
     Friday - American Catholic

12:20pm              Focus on the Family Minute

3-7pm                  The Way Home with Jamie

     Monday - The Way Home with Jamie: Life and Love with Dr.Lori Puterbaugh
     Thursday - Religiously Devoted (Thursday)
     Friday - The Way Home with Jamie: Deep In The Wave with Bear Woznick

7-11pm                Evenings with Rob

11pm                   The Rosary

11:30pm              The Mass followed by The Litany of the Saints



Saturday Mornings

4:30am                  Divine Mercy Chaplet

4:55am                  Today's Saint

5am                       A Closer Walk

5:30am                  Children's Rosary

6:30am                  Christopher Closeup

7am                       Mary's Touch

7:30am                  Legally Speaking with Mike Shea

8-11am                  Kids Kingdom  with Elle

11am & 9pm         The Weekend 22

11pm                     Rosary



Sunday Mornings

4:30am       Divine Mercy Chaplet

4:55am       Today's Saint

5:20am       Journey of Faith

5:30am       Rosary/Who is Mary?

6-8am         Sacred Classics with Jim Howes

8am            Lighthouse Catholic Media

8:30am       Christopher Closeup

9am            Sunday Praise with Elle

11am          Sunday Mass from the Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle


Sunday Evenings

6pm-12am      Espiritu FM 90.5 (Spanish Programming)

6-6:30pm        Lectura y commentario

6:30-7pm        Jovenes en Accion

7-8pm             El Espiritu se Mueve (un ministerio de la Renovacion Carismatica)

8-9pm             Musica y entrevistas

9-9:30pm        Musica y ense'anzas

9:30-10pm      La Voz Del Papa Desde Radio Vaticano en Roma

10-11pm          Musica y Ense'anzas y Commentarios

11pm               Santo Rosario

11:30-12am    Musica 

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