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OK...So we're a little behind with our website housekeeping.  Ever since Abby had her baby, I've moved to mid-days and put the evening show in the very capable hands of Fernando!  Check me out weekdays from 10am to 3pm and Saturdays from 4 - 7pm.
Even our beloved Bishop, Robert Lynch, who's quote was captured as the "Quote of the Day" by the St. Petersburg Times!  Bishop Lynch wrote, "No band of brothers have shown more resilience than our Rays. If Joe Maddon does not get Major League's manager of the year again this year for a second time, then it will be a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance."
This week (September 26-30), Spirit FM is partnering with Tampa Bay Christian Counciling Center to give away free tickets to the new movie COURAGEOUS.  This past Saturday, Michelle Bearden from the Tampa Tribune, wrote a great story about the film company that made the movie, Sherwood Pictures. Here's a link to that story.  Be listening for your chance to call in & win this week!
I heard a something today I wanted to share with you; "Being cool is not about being a sheep. It's about being a shepherd."   Think about it...Peace.
Wouldn't it be cool if you could control your computer - with your eyes! No need for a mouse or keyboard, just move your eyes about the screen to tell your laptop what you want it to do...Well, it's possible!  Amazing!

One of the artists I really enjoyed at WinterJam was Chris August.  His new song 7 x 70 is a powerful, heartfelt ballad which Chris says was the most difficult song he's ever written.  Here's a link to his website and, in his own words, the reason why 7 x 70 was so painful for Chris to pen and later release to the masses. Check it out!  Be sure to click on the videos too and watch the one he did for this song.
If you'd like to check out photos of WinterJam 2011, hit us up on Facebook. Just search Spirit Fm and become our friend!

Jonny Diaz has a great new song out called Beauty Of The Cross. It was written by Jeff Johnson, one of Jonny's good friends.  Here's a link to a video from Jonny Diaz explaining the story behind the song. And if you're a guitarist and would like to get the chords & lyrics to the song, you'll find them here.
Did you know that gorillas like to play games just like humans? The Tampa Tribune recently had a story about "50 things we know now, that we didn't know last year".  Some of the things we discovered in 2010 are pretty amazing! Check out the story by clicking this link.
Check out the Christmas story told in today speak:

As temperatures drop around Tampa Bay, you or someone you know may need to find a shelter to stay warm or spend a night. Here's a link from the Bay News 9 website which I talked about that lists many shelters open in the area. Gob bless.
You may have heard me talking a few weeks ago about a story in the Tampa Tribune about a new center for HOMELESS TEENS.  Here's a link to the story.
If you know someone who needs this service, they can contact Hillsborough Kids at 813-225-1105.
 How well do you know your religion?  Recently the New York Times posted a Religion Quiz which contained a sampling of questions from a religion phone survey conducted by Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. How 'bout taking a shot at it and seeing how much you know about religion?
Don't forget we've moved Hype Radio, from it's old spot on Friday nights to an even better place; Saturday evenings from 9-11pm!  So if you're a fan of the show which features the hottest Christian hip-hop and R&B music, be sure to listen for it on Saturday nights right after Weekend 22.
That's all for now. I want to leave you with a blessing which I really love;
As you go through your day, may Christ go with you.
May He go before you to show you the way.
May He go behind you to encourage you,
beside you to befriend you,
above you to watch over,
within you to give you peace. 

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