Listen in to the Kid's Kingdom and I will take your kids' song requests:  
Also I say the birthdays at 10:00 am each Saturday
How cool is this picture?  Taken by Sister Clare of the Community of the Epiphany, who was featured on SpiritFM's Religiously Devoted this past Spring.  Sr. Clare was in DC Thursday.
Where in the world is Father Mike O'Brien!  And Larry Boy?  Listen in on Saturday right after the birthdays to find out and don't forget the clue he offered last Saturday.  The state he is in is nicknamed Seward's Folly. 
Kid's Kingdom Natural Science Fact: Do you know the colors of the rainbow?  Do you know how they happen?  Rainbows happen when sunlight shines through raindrops. If the sun is behind you, and if you see the sunlight emerging from many raindrops at once, you see a mosaic of light spread out in an arc in the sky: a rainbow. Double rainbows happen when sunlight inside a raindrop is reflected twice instead of once.


A Kid's Kingdom favorite, the USA Science and Engineering Festival has announced it's next dates:  Washington DC April 16 and 17th, 2016.  Check link:
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