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Also I say the birthdays at 10:00 am each Saturday
Don't forget to pray to your Guardian Angel each day!  You never know where help will come from and our angels do want to help us 
Avoid the creepy next weekend and add the fun!  Check our FB page for the video showing how fun adding dry ice to your afternoon can be!  Dry ice is sold at most grocery stores and is not terribly expensive BUT it does require adult supervision and everybody has to cooperate when handling dry ice.  Here is a link to one place that has some "cool" ideas :
Kid's Kingdom Natural Science Fact: Do you know the colors of the rainbow?  Do you know how they happen?  Rainbows happen when sunlight shines through raindrops. If the sun is behind you, and if you see the sunlight emerging from many raindrops at once, you see a mosaic of light spread out in an arc in the sky: a rainbow. Double rainbows happen when sunlight inside a raindrop is reflected twice instead of once.


A Kid's Kingdom favorite, the USA Science and Engineering Festival has announced it's next dates:  Washington DC April 16 and 17th, 2016.  Check link:
The Veggie Tale site: 


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