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March 14, 3/14/15 is National Pi Day!  Listen in this Saturday for Pi fun!
Since surely ,you know all there is to know about pi, like that it begins 3.1415, and goes on and on ..
How about "pie trivia" thanks to Village Inn! Infinitely more fun :)
36 million Americans say apple pie is their favorite.
75 million Americans prefer milk with their pie. 
90% of Americans say a slice of pie represents one of the simple pleasures in life!
The first mention of a fruit pie in print is from Robert Green's "Arcadia" in 1590:
"Thy breath is like the the steam of apple pyes." 
And for the numerical Pi trivia:
3.14 backwards looks like PIE.  Write it on a piece of paper and look at it in a mirror.

used by permission from a Kid's Kingdom listener:

Kindness is pale yellow like a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.

It feels like a warm hug 

It smells like a winter rose

It sounds like a symphony

It looks like Love


(The hint: Be kind to someone today. It may mean more than you realize.) 

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