Overnights with Elle

Keep your eyes "fixed on the sky" in the overnights !

September 8 there will be the brightest full moon of 2014 as we have the "most super" Harvest Moon!  Weather permitting of course, be sure to check the eastern sky at sunset.  What a photo opportunity!


The Harvest Moon is not always bigger, brighter, or more orange than other full moons.  It is special because at this time of year in the Northern hemisphere the time between successive moonrises is shorter than usual.  And this Harvest Moon is also a supermoon.  2014's Harvest moon is appearing a month after 2014's supermoon, which is when the moon is physically closer to the earth than other full moons.  So for this moonrise, it will appear larger than you might expect.



Christ be with me, Christ within me
Christ behind me, Christ before me
Christ beside me, Christ to win me
Christ to comfort me and restore me.
Christ beneath me, Christ above me
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger
Christ in hearts of all that love me
Christ in mouth of friend or stranger.

(390-461 A.D.)  atrributed to St. Patrick

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Jesus asks us to trust in His mercy and love for us. To trust fully and completely so that His mercy and His love can flow through us to others. http://www.thedivinemercy.org/message/devotions/image.php
Our Lord's mother, Mary, is there for each and every one of us, praying for us and bringing our petitions to the Heavenly Throne room of God the Father. http://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/prayers/rosary/how_to.htm
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