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Win ZooTampa Tickets

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Winning Wednesday

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Church now facing its own #MeToo moment, says Australian archbishop

IMAGE: CNS Photo/Robert DuncanBy Junno Arocho EstevesROME (CNS) -- In the wake of historicallegations of sexual abuse and cover-up in countries around the world, theCatholic Church is experiencing the same challenge that has brought a reckoningto those who used their authority to abuse or silence victims, said anAustralian archbishop.Allegations such as thoseraised against Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington,represent a "major shift" within the culture of the church, ArchbishopMark Coleridge of Brisbane said June 21. Abuse survivors are "willing tospeak and they are believed," and the church has new processes ofinvestigation, he added. "It's not unrelated tothe #MeToo phenomenon; there's something going on in the culture. And one ofthe elements of that cultural shift is that people are prepared to speak up ina way that they would never have done before," he told journalistsfollowing a four-day conference in Rome on safeguarding and child protection. The...

Trial begins for ex-Vatican diplomat accused of distributing child porn

IMAGE: CNSBy Junno Arocho EstevesVATICAN CITY (CNS) -- A former staff member at the Vaticannunciature in Washington, accused of possessing and distributing child pornography,admitted his guilt to a Vatican court and said he had never engaged in suchbehavior before his assignment in the U.S. capital. "This kind of morbidness was never a part of mypriestly life," Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella told a courtroom June 22.Vatican City State's criminal court issued an indictmentJune 9 against the prelate, who has been held in a jail cell in the Vaticanpolice barracks since April 9.Msgr. Capella is accused of having and exchanging withothers "a large quantity" of child pornography; the quantity is suchthat the charges are considered "aggravated" by the Vatican Citycourt.The U.S. State Department notified the Holy See Aug. 21 of Msgr.Capella's possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images. The50-year-old Italian monsignor had been working in Washington just over a yearwhen he...

Update: As immigration woes rise, lawmakers can't agree on solutions

IMAGE: CNS photo/courtesy Jason Miller, Franciscan Action NetworkBy Rhina GuidosWASHINGTON (CNS) -- Bipartisan disagreement on how to fixthe country's immigration system led to failure once again as lawmakers on CapitolHill turned down one immigration bill June 21 and postponed a vote on a secondproposal, which also has a slim opportunity of passing.Each side blamed the other for the failure to advance the first piece of legislation, which did not clear the initial hurdle of passing in the House of Representatives. The remaining proposal, seen as a "compromise" bill, seeks to finda way to help youth brought to the country illegally as minors and a $25million advance for a wall along the border with Mexico, a major campaign andyet-unfulfilled promise made by President Donald Trump. Though Trump saidMexico would pay for the wall, he is now asking Congress for U.S. taxpayermoney for the structure. "It's nota compromise. It may be a compromise with the devil, but it's not a compromisew...

Update: Broken world needs Christian unity, pope tells Christian leaders at WCC

IMAGE: CNS photo/Paul HaringBy Carol GlatzGENEVA(CNS) -- Not only God, but today's broken, divided world is begging for unityamong Christians, Pope Francis said on an ecumenical pilgrimage to Geneva."Ourdifferences must not be excuses," he said, because as Christ's disciples,Christians can still pray together, evangelize and serve others.Onhis 23rd apostolic journey abroad June 21, the pope spent several hours withChristian leaders at the headquarters of the World Council of Churches, afellowship of 350 ecclesial communities, including many Orthodox churches. Thepope came to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of what is thelargest and broadest ecumenical fellowship in the world.Speakingto reporters aboard the papal plane from Rome, the pope said, "This is atrip toward unity," representing the "desire for unity."Hewas greeted on the tarmac by dignitaries and two children in traditional dress;two former members of the Swiss Guard stood by the red carpet in the corps'...

Cardinal McCarrick's 60 years of ministry in church had global impact

IMAGE: CNS photo/Paul HaringBy WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The Vatican has told Cardinal TheodoreE. McCarrick, the retired archbishop of Washington, that he can no longerexercise any public ministry after an allegation that he abused a teenager 47 yearsago was found credible.While maintaining his innocence, the cardinal said June 20he had cooperated with church authorities' investigation of the claim and that hewould obey the Vatican directive on ministry.As people in the many places he has served -- the New YorkArchdiocese, the Diocese of Metuchen, New Jersey, the Archdiocese of Newark,New Jersey, and finally the Archdiocese of Washington -- absorb the news aboutthe high-profile churchman, many also will recall Cardinal McCarrick'slong years of ministry in the church on the national and international levels.Even in retirement, after decades of regularly testifyingbefore Congress and attending White House meetings on public policy, CardinalMcCarrick kept abreast of a range of policy issues,...

Forgiveness turns evil into good, pope tells Catholics in Geneva

IMAGE: CNS photo/Paul HaringBy Carol GlatzGENEVA(CNS) -- At the end of a day dedicated to celebrating 70 years of an ecumenicalfellowship forged by the World Council of Churches, Pope Francis turned to theregion's Catholics, reminding them of what lies at the heart of the faith.TheLord's Prayer "offers us a road map for the spiritual life" byreminding people they are part of one human family, that they should live a simpler,more caring life and that forgiveness works miracles in history, he said."Thereis no greater novelty than forgiveness, which turns evil into good," hetold 40,000 Catholics from Switzerland, France and other nations not far fromthis landlocked country, whose history was built on the values of peace andneutrality.Thepope was in Geneva June 21 "as a pilgrim in quest of unity andpeace," for a one-day journey celebrating the 70th anniversary of thefounding of the World Council of Churches -- a fellowship of 350 ecclesialcommunities, including many Orthodox churches, ...

Update: Pope: Individual bishops must decide about Communion in mixed marriages

IMAGE: CNS photo/Paul HaringBy Carol GlatzABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM GENEVA (CNS) -- The questionof allowing Protestants married to Catholics to receive Communion at Mass inspecial cases has to be decided by each individual bishop and cannot be decidedby a bishops' conference, Pope Francis told reporters after a one-dayecumenical journey to Geneva.During an inflight news conference June 21, the pope wasasked about his recent decision requesting the Catholic bishops' conference ofGermany not publish nationwide guidelines for allowing Communion for suchcouples.He said the guidelines went beyond what is foreseen bythe Code of Canon law "and there is the problem." The code does notprovide for nationwide policies, he said, but "provides for the bishop ofthe diocese (to make a decision on each case), not the bishops'conference.""This was the difficulty of the debate. Not thecontent," he said. Cardinal-designate Luis Ladaria, prefect of theCongregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, had...

Trump signs executive order stopping family separation policy

IMAGE: CNS photo/Leah Millis, ReutersBy Mark PattisonWASHINGTON(CNS) -- President Donald Trump signed an executive order June 20 that haltshis administration's family separation policy for families who have crossed theU.S.-Mexico border illegally.Theexecutive order seeks to work around a 1997 consent decree that bars thefederal government from keeping children in immigration detention -- even ifthey are with their parents -- for more than 20 days. The executive order instructs the attorney general to seek federal court permission to modify the consent decree.Thecrisis was spawned when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a "zero tolerance"policy for border crossers. Under the policy, adults would be charged with afelony rather than a misdemeanor for crossing the border. Under federalstatute, those charged with felonies cannot have their children detained withthem.The governmentearlier in June said 1,995 minors had been separated from 1,940 adults who hadcrossed the U.S.-Mexico ...

Uptick in abuse claims likely after high-profile case brought to light

IMAGE: CNS photo/Bob RollerBy Mark PattisonWASHINGTON(CNS) -- An increase in calls to dioceses to report claims of clergy sexualabuse has happened before, and is likely to happen again in the wake of thecredible claim lodged against Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, retired archbishop ofWashington, according to the head of the U.S. bishops' Secretariat for Child and Youth Protection.Thoseclaims and inquiries, though, won't solely be about Cardinal McCarrick, saidDeacon Bernie Nojadera, executive director of the secretariat.DeaconNojadera said the most noticeable such example was following the Boston Globe's"Spotlight" series examining clergy sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Boston inearly 2002. Another such example he gave was the release of the movie "Spotlight,"based on the newspaper's reportage. In the film's case, though, he added, abusereports "weren't just about clergy sex abuse, but all kinds of abuse."Much ofthis results, he said, "because there's this invitation (by dioceses)...

Update: Pope supports U.S. bishops' criticism of 'immoral' immigration policy

IMAGE: CNS photo/Adrees Latif, ReutersBy Junno Arocho EstevesVATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francissaid he stands with the U.S. bishops who recently condemned the Trumpadministration's policy on immigration that has led to children being held ingovernment shelters while their parents are sent to federal prisons. "I am on the side of thebishops' conference," Pope Francis said in an interview with the Reutersnews agency, published online June 20. "Let it be clear that in thesethings, I respect (the position of) the bishops' conference."On the first day of their June 13-14spring assembly in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo ofGalveston-Houston, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, read astatement on behalf of the bishops denouncing the government's zero-tolerancepolicy. "Families are the foundationalelement of our society, and they must be able to stay together. Whileprotecting our borders is important, we can and must do better as a government,and as a...

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