Your Spirit FM has won the 2014 Gabriel Award for "Religious Radio Station of the Year". Since it's your support that keeps us on the air, this win is as much yours as it is ours. Thank you!
What if, for 30 days, you filled your ears and your heart with nothing but the positive and uplifting message of Christ's love contained in the music and programming of Spirit FM? Take the challenge today!
Give someone the gift of a day and help Spirit FM through a Day Sponsorship. Click to learn how.
Ever want to run a radio station? How about deciding what music we play?
"As a moral matter, our country must not accept the toil and taxes of these children of God without offering them the protections of our laws, which they so willingly seek.."
The Spirit FM crew is always around town visiting churches and festivals across Tampa Bay. Come out and see us! Click to see where we'll be.
Hurricane season is here. Click for some tips and resources to help you prepare.
See Shine Bright Baby's entire LIVE morning show performance of their hit song, "Beautiful Love".
The Second Annual Tampa Bay Celebration of Life Rally is a 2-day Community Event to: Bring Awareness, Provide Education, Call Everyone to Stand Together for LIFE. Come and be entertained, inspired, and challenged!
Start listening this Monday, June 17th for your chance to win!
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