Prayer Wall for Military/First Responders

Your Spirit FM wants to pray for someone you love who serves in the military or is a first responder.
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Luis Rios Acosta
Luis Rios has been in the Coast Guard for 10 years, and is currently on a Coast Guard cutter that goes out to sea on patrols every 50 day (50 days on land/50 days at sea). He just left on another patrol on 8/30/11. He has been married to his wife Christina for six years. Please keep him in your prayers.
Nelson W. Antonsanti
Nelson has been a firefighter/paramedic for approximately 6 years, working for Pasco County and now Hillsborough County. He is a God-fearing man, devoted husband to wife Daisy and loving new father to 7 month-old Emanuel. Nelson is a beautiful soul with a huge heart for all of God's people and is an active member of Crossover Community Church. Please keep him and his comrades in prayer for godly wisdom and safety when serving in our community and as leaders in each of their homes.
Willie Bahr
 Willie Bahr is a police officer for Tampa Police Department. He is a hard-working man who loves his job and his family.  May God always keep him safe.
Michael Baker
He's in the Army and has safely served one tour in Afghanistan
William Barlow
Kenneth City Police

Brian Barsoumian
Brian, 27, from Brandon, Florida is currently serving his third year as a firefighter/paramedic for Tampa Fire Rescue. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
David Bishop
Active Duty Army
William Bishop
Retired Navy

Jason Bruch
Military police paratrooper in the Army. He has since gone overseas 7 times and continues to serve our country for almost 12 years now.  
SGT Robert Caruso
Robert is currently serving in Iraq. Please pray for him and his wife, Bethany.
Ted Case
Currently serving overseas in U.S. Army, wife Parvati just finished 8+ years of service with the U.S. Army and is currently working towards a college degree. Both have completed several tours of duty overseas in the Middle East.
Jim Cedarburg
29 years for Tampa Fire Department and Captaion of station on Davis Island.  Retiring next year. Father of one girl. Loves to fish, loves the country and loves serving others.
Marine LCPL Champagne
He is currently in Afghanistan on his second deployment there. Please keep him and all our military in your prayers. 
Joe Circhirillo Jr.  
He is in the Army, and needs prayer for his safety and the safety of the other troops he is deploying with.

Ryan Clark - Marine Corp
Ryan is currently serving on the aircraft carrier SS Truman in the Arabian Sea until April. 

Officer Bruce Cline 
Bruce has served the city of Palatka, FL for nearly two years. He is an outstanding Officer that knows no limits when it comes to upholding the law and protecting the community. He even keeps a bag full of stuffed animals in his patrol car to give out to children when they are scared or shaken.
Nathan A. Conner
Currently in Boot Camp for the United States Marine Corp in South Carolina 
Tyler Cook, US Army
Serving in Afghanistan until May 2012
PFC Michael B. Coosey
Just returned home after completion of Basic Training for the United States Army to finish his Sr. year of high school, will leave for training after high school at Ft. Lee, VA. 
Roy W. Coosey
EMT in Pinellas County, North Hub. 2 years of service. He has a wife named Jessica.
Rafael Costa
Rafael is a fire fighter for Hillsborough County. This is his 19th year of service. Before that he served 3 years as a United States Marine. He is the father of three children: Christina 22, Eric 18 and Angela 16. Please pray that God continues to watch over him and that he will always come home safely.
Jacolby Cross
Jacolby is special person who serves for the US Coast Guard, Clearwater Station. He is a hard-working and determined Coastie, currently taking classes at Embry Riddle & working towards getting accepted to Officer Candidate School. He has future aspirations of going to flight school and becoming a helicopter pilot. He's currently deployed in the Bahamas. Please pray for his safety
everyday along with the other coasties serving our country. God Bless America!
Raf (Family member of John Gramham)
My niece's  husband, Raf, is being deployed for the umpteenth time to Afghanistan. He will be there for an eleven month deployment which is just one of many deployments. They just had their second child born in May.  Thank you and God bless.
 Nelson De Jesus 
A devoted husband and father of three grown men. He has been a Paramedic at Clearwater fire department for over 20 years. He loves his job and it shows when he tells stories and gives suggestions. He has a great sense of humor, that sometimes gets him in "trouble" with his wife and close members of the family. He has a very strong faith and it shows in everything he does.
Keith Dinsdale
Keith is currently serving in the U.S. Navy at the Naval Weapons Station in Norfolk, VA. He served 2 deployments in Iraq as a Riverine. He and his wife, Jennifer, met on the ship where he was a quartermaster and she worked in navigation. They were then stationed in Pearl Harbor where they married. They have three children: Kaleb (9), Kadance (7), and Jocelyn (2).
SSG Felix Diez Jr. 
A 16 yr U.S. Army veteran has served as Active Duty, National Guard & Reserves his current MOS is Intelligence Analyst. He has served in both OIF and OEF. He is currently serving overseas on his third deployment. He is a loyal husband and a devoted father of four. We all miss him very much and pray for his safe return in 2012.
Tim Elmer
Tim is a 25-year-old police officer serving on the Temple Terrace Police Department. Please pray for his continued safety on the job, and for his fiance, Nikki.
Lawrence Flaws
Lawrence is a Specialist with the 689th Engineer Company and they recently deployed to Afghanistan. Lawrence was born and raised in Brandon and married Cassie last November, 20 years after they met in church at the age of 4. The family is so proud of Lawrence and equally proud of Cassie, who had to say goodbye to her husband of just 8 months and now wait for his safe return.
Cale Franklin
  On August 26th, Cale Franklin graduated from boot camp and is now in A school. The school is known for its intensity.  Please keep him in your prayers to be able to stick with his studies and make it through with flying colors! This has been his dream and goal since he was 11 years old.  He has never faltered, thanks to the Lord!  When he sent his clothes home from boot camp he wrote on his box Psalm 18:1  and with each letter home to each person he wrote came another scripture!
Christopher A. Garcia, U.S. Navy ROTC Midshipman 3rd Class, Jacksonville University
Chris Garcia is currently a sophomore at Jacksonville U. pursuing a bachelor's degree in Aviation Management.  His love for his country and the tragedy of 9/11 were the significant influences in Chris' decision to serve and protect his country, although he was only 9 years old on 9/11.  He was an extremely well regarded member of King H.S. NJROTC becoming a high ranking officer and color guard member of the unit. Chris earned a very distinguished NROTC full scholarship for his collegiate education at Jacksonville. He is a faithful parishioner of St. Mark's in New Tampa.
The Hoyt Family
Mr. Hoyt is an officer in the United States Navy, and is currently stationed right here in Tampa at MacDill Air Force Base.
Judi went directly from high school into the United States Air Force and just this past June left the Airforce with numerous Airman of the Quarter and Airman of the Year awards under her belt to become a full-time college student and wife in Arizona.
Sara, started out at Florida State University and is now in the United States Army; she is currently stationed at Fort Brag in North Carolina and has two children. She on the front-lines in Afghanistan and will be leaving again in January to return to her overseas duty station.
Ben Johnson
Ben is currently serving in the Air Force at MacDill AFB. He is a KC-135 pilot. He just left for his 4th deployment, the 3rd one to the Middle East.  Please keep him, his wife Jenni and their 3 kids, Amber (10), Lizzy (9) and Brandon (5) in your prayers.
Alissa Kaufmann
Alissa is currently serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. She enlisted the coast guard directly out of high school because its mission is always about helping others in need. Alissa brings determination and a quick wit to every assignment. Alissa is currently attending the USCG's "A" school to receive the necessary training to serve as a food specialist. On a recent visit home a friend was in the process of thanking Alissa for her service when she jokingly interrupted, ". for serving America's heroes?".  We love Alissa and are very proud of her decision to join all the many men and women serving our country.
Sean and Brian Kelleher
Sean Kelleher, 23 years old, is a Machinery Technician Third Class on board Coast Guard Cutter Hawk. He has been serving in the U.S. Coast Guard for over five years now. He has a wife, Maresa and three beautiful children: Devin (5), Johnathin (4) and Shaylin (1). Brian Kelleher, 27 years old, is a fire fighter for the Hillsborough County Fire Department. He volunteered at the Clearwater Fire Station for one year before transferring to the Bloomingdale Fire Station where he has been for over a year.
Allen Delaney Wailani King
Allen, age 34, has been serving in the U.S. Army for 17 years and is up for promotion to Master Sergeant this October. He is a great dad of 4 fantastic kids, a devoted husband, and a much loved son of proud parents.
SSgt. John Lander, USMC
John has proudly served in the United States Marine Corps since 1998.  He has safely returned from multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, most recently in September of 2010.  He is a loving Christian husband and father, and his family could not be more proud of him. 
Gene Leonard 
Gene is retired Air force, retired Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, and retired Manatee Count Sheriff's Office.
Jordan MacGregor
Jordan is a 21-year-old Marine serving in Twentynine Palms, CA right now. He's training to work with the HumVs and trucks and will go overseas next spring. Please pray that real men of God be sent into his life.
Steven Matthews
Steven is a deputy with the Manatee County Sheriff's Department.  He's been there for about 2 1/2 years and works at their corrections facility.
Sergeant First Class Lavar McDowell
Lavar McDowell is a dedicated father and husband who serves at The Life Church of Riverview in equal capacity to serving his country. He was set to be deployed to Afghanistan in the last week of August. However, through divine favor, God had different plans for Lavar and delayed his deployment for a few weeks (just enough time to celebrate his five year anniversary with his wife as well as his wife's birthday). He is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and works with a local effort to bring Jesus to the streets called Shyft. He no longer calls his deployment to Afghanistan a "deployment" but rather a "mission."
Rich Meyer
Rich is a fire fighter in New Hampshire. He grew up together in New Jersey, and graduated from Don Bosco Prep, a Catholic high school run by the Salesians of St. John Bosco. He moved to New Hampshire approximately four years ago and has been living his childhood dream of being a professional fire fighter ever since.
SSGT Gerald C. Mullins, United States Army
 My son Gerald is currently serving his country in Afghanistan. This will be his fifth tour of fighting for his country in a war zone. One in Bosina, three in Iraq and now Afghanistan. He is married to a trooper of a wife by the name of Teresa and has three beautiful children, Noah, Joshua and Suzanna who wait patiently for his save return to Ft. Drum, NY. Gerald is a very proud soldier and the Army is blessed to have him.
Ret. Chief Warrant Officer Doug Norris
Doug served in the Marines for nearly 30 years and was stationed in Okinowa, Japan as well as across the US over his long career. He originally enlisted in the reserves but eventually became an Officer and progressed to the highest rank in his career path.
Cpl. Jeremy Oney
Jeremy is in the Marines and is stationed at Camp Lejuene. Jeremy joined the Marines right out of high school because be felt like this is what he needed to doing following the events of 9/11. He served one tour in Iraq and last year he re-inlisted to continue to serve. He and his wife Tara are expecting their first child in March.
Staff Sergeant David J. Orvosh
David serves in the Air Force, and named Pope Air Force Base's Airmen of the Year and Air Force Special Operations Command Airmen of the Year 2011. David seeks every opportunity to deploy and has been to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, he leads heavy weapons, convoy, urban and counter-ambush training on Ft. Bragg ranges sharing what he has learned and ensuring upcoming Combat Controllers are ready to deliver airpower anywhere. He has a wife and one child. Please pray for his safety and that God will grant him peace in what he does.
SSG Rafael Padilla Jr. US Army
He has served 2 tours in Iraq but is now home with his family. He is an amazing fiancé and a loving father to his 7 month old son Jeremiah. He is due to go overseas again within the next year or so. May God protect him and give him strength and guidance, also please pray for him and his family.
Khristina Paul
Khristina is 21 years old and is currently serving in the US Navy. This will be her 4th year in and plans to reenlist.  She went in right out of high school and she went to Pinellas Park High. She just go back from her second WestPac tour.
Javier Perez
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Detention Department.  Warrant Officer in the US Army Reserves.  May God continue to bless and guide him as a husband, father, leader, soldier and servant of Him.
Teddy Perez
Teddy Perez is a Deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and also a United States Marine. He is a God fearing man, devoted husband to Candace, and a loving father to two girls. Please keep him in your prayers and pray that he and all of the first responders return home safely each time they leave the house.
Scott Perry
 Scott Perry enlisted in the US Army after he finished his studies at Clayton State University, and he is currently stationed in Afghanistan.  This photo was taken in July of this year, while he was home on leave.  (He is in the forefront on the right hand side.) Please pray for his safe keeping as he is expected to return home to family and friends in the Greater Atlanta area for the first week of October 2011. 
Richard Redman
Richard is 19 years old and is in bootcamp in Ft Benning, GA in the Army where he will be learning to repair tanks.
Chris Remmell
Active Reserves (Army), 2 tours to Iraq, and came back in 2009. Effective 11/10 has been a deputy with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office.
Officer Renfro
He is a Police Officer in southeast Texas. He has a wife and two beautiful sons. Prayers are coming from friends across the Gulf!
SFC Thomas Robinson, US Army
Our hero serves in the Army in Afghanistan. He is in his 24th year of service. Thanks for your prayers and support
Daniel Saldivar
Daniel is a Marine currently in Parris Island, SC. He just finished his "crucible" training, so please pray that God gives him strength in the challenges he faces. 
Angel L. Santiago
Angel is currently on Active Duty with the United States Army stationed in NC (5 years Active Duty, 3 years National Guard) and by God's grace has safely completed 2 tours in Iraq. His current MOS is 88M truck driver and is currently going through the Special Forces Qualification Course Phase 3 (SUT). He is a faithful servant of God, loving husband to Cindy and nurturing father to two boys; Andres, 4 yrs & Angelito, 8 mnths. Please pray that God continues to cover him with his guardians of protection & strength, provide wisdom when making life saving choices, grants a successful and safe completion of his course & pray for protection and peace over his family.
Marquise Sargent
He graduated Navy boot camp on August 26,2011 . He is now in A-school, learning his job to become an AZ. Keep him in your prayers please! 
Pvt Eric Schulz
Eric is currently at Fort Benning, Ga at Army boot camp and scheduled to graduate from there at the end of October.  He is in the infantry, and he wants to be a medic during his time if at all possible. Eventually wants to become a surgeon.  
Bill Scobie
Bill serves our country in the National Guard and also on the streets of Hillsborough as a HCSO Deputy. He was recently deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and was evacuated out in October of 2010 with (3) herniated disks in his neck. After enduring almost a full year of various treatments we are at the last resort of surgery. He is scheduled for a triple fusion at TGH on 9/20. He has a 16 month old son named Jacob and baby Ethan is due 11/7. Please pray that he has a quick and speedy recovery and that this procedure takes away his daily pain and numbness in his arms so he can get back to playing with and raising our two sons. Pray that he can make a full recovery and ultimately get back to his dream of patrolling the streets of Hillsborough County.
Dan Serrano
Dan is a 5th year Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy. His wife Audrey places him in God's hands each day he leaves their home and thanks God each day he walks back in. Please keep him in prayer for continued safety and protection, God's wisdom in any situation he faces, and courage to fully rely on the Lord.
Lieutenant Norman H Severance
Lt. Severance is a helicopter pilot stationed in San Diego, California who has served all over the world keeping our peace. He is from Clearwater and is married with two children.
Alex Sims
Alex has been an EMT with Sunstar for almost a year, where he works the nightshift. He and his wife were married this year, at the end of June. They are looking forward to many years together, with your prayers, and God's protection over Alex!
Sgt. Aaron Sipp, USMC
Joined the Marines in May of 2005. Right now he is on deployment for his second tour to Afghanistan. He volunteered to go this time around.  He teaches martial arts and has become a black belt since his deployment. This mother couldn't be more proud.
Christina Skinner
In USCG, currently stationed locally, has two sons Jack and Jason.
Dajan Smith
Dajan is a local first responder currently working as an EMT in Tampa, FL. He began his journey to become a firefighter almost 3 years ago after a terrible foot injury ended his basketball career. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided to pursue another career path . . . firefighter. Overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way, he managed to complete his program at Leary. He's been working as an EMT this past year and was recently offered a position as a fire fighter in Tampa. He's scheduled to start his new job this coming October. Please pray for Dajan as he pursues his new career path helping others in this very dangerous profession.
John Toomey, Active Duty Navy
Colonel Rocky Tyler
Rocky is a US Army Reservist serving on active duty for one year. He is currently assigned to US Central Command at MacDill AFB. Rocky had to put graduate school at USF on hold as he was recalled to active duty in August to serve one year. He is married and has two daughters.
Jeff Vajdik
Jeff is a Jailer in west central Florida. He has a gorgeous wife and daughter. Prayers for him are coming from a friend and his family!
 Sergeant Gary Wagner
 I never let my husband leave home without sharing a hug, kiss and sincere "I love you", because I don't know if it will be the last time I am given that opportunity.  These men and women are the answer to "what would Jesus do?" as each of them are willing to die for someone they do not know.  For that I am eternally grateful.  God Bless.
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