Spirit FM Wins a Gabriel Award

Your Spirit FM has won the 2014 Gabriel Award for "Religious Radio Station of the Year". Since it's your support that keeps us on the air, this win is as much yours as it is ours. Thank you!

Spirit FM has won a Gabriel Award for Religious Radio Station of the year for its total programming and community service in the prestigious annual competition sponsored by the Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals! Spirit FM also received a Certificate of Merit for the radio special, "40 Years of Roe v. Wade," in the category "Single News Story, Local Release."

The Gabriel Awards, which are open to both secular and religious television and radio stations and producers in the U.S. and Canada, will be presented Thursday, June 19 at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If it weren't for your continued prayers and support, we would not even be on the air. Therefore, this win is as much yours at it is ours. Thank you for making us YOUR Spirit FM!


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