Third Party Event Ideas from A to Zebra Walks!

You know you want to help, but not sure where to get started? Here are some ideas to get you started!



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Third Party Event Ideas



Art Sale: Is your son or daughter an artist?  Make tee-shirts, tote bags, greeting cards--you name it and sell them to support your Spirit FM.

Auctions: You, or a team can host a silent or live auction! Work with an auctioneer who will donate his/her time and hold a live auction. Some ideas for auction themes would be collectibles, sports, and hobbies!


Bake Sale: Host a bake sale at work or out in the community (ie: church, bank, library, etc). Make sure you call Spirit FM first if you need anyone to umm?¢??¦sample the products!

Birthday Party with a Purpose: Instead of collecting gifts at your next birthday event, collect donations for Spirit FM. 

Book Sales: Reach out to your friends and family and have them donate their gently used books to you. Then, you can set up a table to sell your books at your church or youth event.

Breakfast With: Put together a "Breakfast with?¢??¦: Santa/Easter Bunny/Pastor?¢?? at your church or school. Work with a local restaurant to see about catering. Have someone in costume and sell tickets. Make sure to take lots of pictures because we want to see this!!


Car Wash: Who doesn?¢??t love getting their car washed by some adorable kiddos?  Try saying "Donation Accepted?¢?? instead of charging a set price!

Christmas Party: Play carols, decorate and/or serve Christmas cookies, decorate a tree, have pictures with Santa, etc. You can charge an admission, or have everyone donate throughout the evening!

Coin Drive: This is great for parents of students! Set up a jar at the beginning of the school year in the lunchroom, or in each classroom, and have students put change in it throughout the year! You will be amazed how quickly it adds up!


Decorating Service: Do you have great decorating visions? If so, offer your services to the community during the holiday season! Then, donate any proceeds you make.

Donut Days: Great for students! Get donuts donated from a bakery every Friday and sell them at school!


E-Mail: E-mail your friends and associates and ask them for donations! They can make a donation at


Game Night: Have a game-night with a purpose. Everyone comes to your house to play board games, charades, etc. Charge an "Entrance?¢?? fee.

Garage Sale: Reach out to your friends and neighbors and collect all of their unwanted items! You can then see them and raise money for Spirit FM!

Golf Tournament: Host a golf-tournament and charge a participation fee, with the proceeds benefiting Spirit FM.  Maybe miniature golf is a better idea!


Ice Cream Social: Plan an ice cream social at work, school or church and ask that all participants donate in order to attend!


Lawn Service: Mow a lawn for a donation to Spirit FM!


Matching Gifs: Ask your company to match what you raise!

Money Jars: Set up money jars or coin boxes at your place of work. This is great for banks, diners, hairdressers, and stores! Check back to empty jars frequently!

Movie Night: Host a movie night at your house and charge an "Admission Fee?¢??. Provide popcorn, candy, and refreshments to your friends!


Odd Jobs: Ask your neighbors if there are any odd jobs they have lingering on their to-do list and help lighten their load! Then you can donate any proceeds you make to Spirit FM.


Pet Fashion Show: Have a pet fashion show! Charge an admission and vote for the best dressed four-legged friend!

Pie Sales: Bake some delicious pies and sell them to your friends and neighbors.  Hint: you may want to call Spirit FM staff first. Rumor is they love dessert!


Roll Those Pennies: Do you have pennies lying around everywhere? Put them to good use by rolling them up and donating them to Spirit FM. You could encourage all your friends to do the same-it adds up quick!


Spaghetti Dinner: Host a spaghetti dinner at a local business or community gathering center. You can charge an admission fee or collect donations?!

Sports Tournament: Teams organize bowling, hockey, basketball, baseball, etc tournaments and collect donations!


Wishing Well: Set up a wishing well at your church with a sign explaining that all proceeds go towards Spirit FM and spreading the Good News. 

Wrap Presents: This is a great holiday time idea! During the busy holiday season you can set up a booth at a store, church or school and wrap presents for a donation!


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