Third Party Event Policy and Guidelines

A simple listing of guidelines and policies for your Third Party Event
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Third Party Event Guidelines


1. The event organizer must obtain any permits, licenses or insurance necessary for the proposed event (i.e. concert, food truck rally) . If the organizer is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, the event organizer must clearly state this in all of their promotional materials.

2. Spirit FM 90.5 must approve, in advance, all copy for invitations, advertisements, press releases, posters or other promotional information related to your event. Please do not make public announcements or promote the event until you receive written approval from Spirit FM. Spirit FM 90.5 may only be identified as the beneficiary of the event. For example an event may not be called "Spirit FM 90.5 Walk-a-Thon." The event should be promoted as the "Walk-a-thon to benefit Spirit FM 90.5."

3. The event organizer and Spirit FM should be prepared to inform the public that any net amounts will be donated directly to Spirit FM within 60 days after the event. If Spirit FM 90.5 will not receive all of the proceeds from the event, then the exact percentage of the proceeds that benefit Spirit FM must be stated clearly on all invitation copy, advertising and promotional materials.

4. Events must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fundraising, gift reporting and special events. The IRS requires that all tickets, invitations or entry forms state which portion of the contribution is tax-deductible.  Danielle at Spirit FM can help you with the rules and regulations. 

5. Not all contributions are considered tax-deductible. For example, if a contributor receives a product or service in exchange for their contribution, the fair market value of the product or service must be subtracted (whether or not it is donated) from the contribution. The remaining amount is tax-deductible. If event contributors send their contributions directly to Spirit FM, you must inform the Foundation of the value of any goods or services the donor received in return for the contribution.

6. If the organizer does not have tax-exempt status and individual donors send their contributions directly to the organizer, the organizer must submit to Spirit FM  an itemized listing of all donors, their addresses and the amount of their individual donation within 60 days so that a proper acknowledgment letter documenting the tax-deductibility of their contribution can be issued from Spirit FM, the not-for-profit beneficiary, to the individual donor.

7. Please notify the station if you plan to contact businesses, individuals or organizations for sponsorship or underwriting proposals. If you plan to solicit contributions, sponsorship or in-kind gifts from local businesses, the list of potential business sponsors must be reviewed by the Spirit FM before being solicited. Please remember that many individuals and businesses are already generous supporters of Spirit FM.  

8. Event planners employed or retained by the event organizer or sponsoring organization will not be compensated by Spirit FM 90.5 or the Diocese of St. Petersburg. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to provide such compensation. Spirit FM does not endorse the hiring or selection of any special event planners, consultants or coordinators.

9. The sponsoring organization or individual must seek written approval from Spirit FM to repeat an event in each succeeding year.

10. Spirit FM must be contacted if there are any significant changes planned for the event. If circumstances warrant, Spirit FM at any time, through members of its senior management team, may counsel the event organizer to cancel the event. Event organizers must agree to cancel the event, if so directed, and further agree to release Spirit FM and its officers and employees from any and all liability and connection to any such action.

11.Spirit FMâ??s logo can be provided for your use, once your Third Party event has been approved.  Please do not obtained the Spirit FM logo from the website or online forms due to the quality.  Any printed materials that mention Spirit FM 90.5 or contain the logo, must be approved by the Director of Development prior to the production, distribution or publication of any materials.  Please allow for two weeks for approval of all materials and content. 

12. Spirit FM 90.5 is a not-for-profit broadcast ministry.  All donations and "revenueâ? received by the station are used for operation and programming purposes.  We are not able to provide individuals, organizations or businesses with monetary sponsorships. 


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