Hopesgiving is Coming

The legend of HopesGiving is born and boy, it is quite an exciting time at Spirit FM!
Many, many years ago in a small village on the outside of town...(Ah, hum!) 


Okay, scratch that! A few months ago, around a table at a staff retreat (much better) the legend of Hopesgiving was born! 


Wanting to give listeners MORE than something to,well, listen to during Shareathon, Spirit FM staff created a full-fledged, listener interactive holiday!  Maybe not the kind of holiday with wrapping paper and pretty flowers; but a kind of holiday that encourages you to HAVE and to GIVE hope.  Brilliant, right? 


Actually, it is something our members do every day by investing in Spirit FM, so that the Good News can be shared from Riverview to Rome, Italy--We just thought we would design a logo and make it official!  


This sounds really good. Right? I mean, who wouldn't want to make teachings available to a medical student from Nigeria studying in Simferopol, Ukraine (really!); or Christian music available to prisoners in our local detention facilities (yup, everyday!).  God is always good!


Sign you up?  Just click on this link and we'll get you started.  If you make your gift before November 14th, we'd like to give you one of these  cool Abby Gnomes to help decorate your home for your first Hopesgiving!  We only have 400, so make your gift early. 


Even better, if you make your gift with a credit card, Datalink Software will make a gift of a meal to Metropolitan Ministriesto help feed our hungry families during the holidays (up to 2,500 meals)!  Now, that IS brilliant!

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