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"It's been said that the most important attribute of any Christian, is humility.  And while it might be the most important, it's certainly the most difficult.  How often does our pride get in the way of our humility?  How often does our desire to be number one, lead us in the wrong direction?  And the Lord is so clear.  Listen to His words in Luke 9:48, "For the one who is least among all of you, is the one who is the greatest."  Even the finest concertos and operas and songs ever written, are based just on just eight little notes on an octave.  The greatest speeches, the greatest written works, the greatest poems are based on just twenty-six little letters.  Become small, so that the Lord might be seen in all of His glory.  Become least, become last, become the servant, because that humility is the heart of the cross, that humility is the heart of the church, and that humility is the heart of Jesus Christ."

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