Hard to be a Christian

By Bible Geek

Some days it's hard to be Christian

"Some days it's really hard to be a Christian isn't it?  Maybe when you study and get a B, and the person who cheats gets an A.  When you're stuck in traffic and patiently trying to let people in, and the person next to you cuts in front.  When your neighbor who cheats on their taxes, drives a nicer car than you do.  It's in those moments that you might even want to stop, pause, look to the heavens and say, "What is the point?"  "Does anybody really notice?"  "Does anybody really care?"  And it's in those moments that we have to remember God's word, in Hebrews 6, "For God is not so unjust as to overlook your work, and the love that you've shown for His sake in serving others, as you continue to do."  Don't allow the actions of others, to dissuade your actions in loving God.  And when you ask yourself, "Does anybody really notice?"  Close your eyes, cause the Lord is saying into your heart, you better believe.  God Bless ya'."    

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