Ever feel like not going to Mass?

By Bible Geek


Ever feel like not going to Mass?

"You ever have those Sunday mornings when you just don't feel like going to mass.  Maybe you had a long night, or the bed is really feeling comfortable.  Or maybe there's a big game on T.V.  Or maybe you're, you're in another city and you can't really find a, a Catholic church that's close to you.  Maybe you're just not looking forward to the week ahead.  It's in those times we have to remind ourselves that mass is also a liturgy.  It's a public work done in the service of another.  So mass is not just about what we receive, but what we give, what we bring.  That I'm not just going to mass for myself, but I'm going for the people next to me.  For the couple that just got married, to the person who just lost their loved one, to the couple who's now baptizing their child, to the person who's coming back for the first time.  Listen to these words from Romans 1, "For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift that will strengthen you."  Remember, it's not just about what we get, but what we give.  We'll see you at mass."

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