Lord's Name (InVain)

By Bible Geek


The Father's Name (in vain)

"Do you pray when you drive?  I remember growing up, riding in the car with my father.  He prayed constantly as he drove.  Well maybe he didn't pray, but I definitely remember him using the Lord's name quite a bit.  In our culture today, it has become so frequent and so rampant that people will take the Lord's name in vain.  And you and I as believers and as brother's and sister's in Christ can not allow ourselves to do it, and can't allow those around us to do it.  It tells us in Philippians 2, "God has exalted Him, He has bestowed upon Him the name which is above every other name, that at the very name of Jesus every knee should bend."  As brothers and sisters in our Lord, we are consecrated into that name.  We are His eyes and His ears, His mouth, and His hands and His feet in this world.  We need to be God's billboards.  Realize that when people take the Lord's name in vain, they don't make God's less holy, but that we do make His name less holy.  And as a name that is exalted above all names.  So let's all try a little bit harder, to exalt that name in our own lives, in our own work places, in our own cars, and ensure that the next generation of riders knows what it really means to pray our Lord's name."

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