Knowing your Bible

By Bible Geek

You might know your Bible better than you think

"How well do you know your bible?  It might surprise you.  You might feel as though you have hundreds of passages memorized, or you might feel as though the bible's just too intimidating to open up.  But you might be quoting scripture during the week and not even knowing it.  Phrases like, a drop in the bucket, an eye for an eye, the blind leading the blind, turn the other cheek, by the skin of your teeth, holier than thou, keep on the straight and narrow, a wolf in sheep's clothing, the writing is on the wall.  All of those phrases come from the Word of God.  Now remember, it's the Word of God, not words about God.  So this day today, open up that bible.  Let's get to know the Author, and not just the words.  If we live it, that's when they come to life, in our life. 

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