What does it mean to be a Christian

By Bible Geek

What does it mean to be a Christian?

"What does it mean to you to be a Christian?  What does it mean to be a Catholic?  A popular response in our culture today when someone says, "What does it mean to be a Christian," is, "well it means to be a good person."  Well, scripture goes a lot further than that.  Scripture tells us Galatians 2:20, "Yet I live no longer I but Christ who lives in me."  That affirms to us and reminds us that to be Christian is not simply to be a good person, but to become a new person, a new creation in Christ.  One where we let our old selves pass away, where we die to ourselves, and let Christ live within us.  So today, this day, if someone was to look at you and say, "What does it mean to be a Christian?"  Smile back and let your life be your answer.  We're all believers let's act like it.  Let's die to ourselves, and allow that new person, that Christ within us to shine to the world.  God Bless You." 

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