God's Car Wash

By Bible Geek

God's car wash

"Is your car dirty right now?  Does it need to be washed?  It never ceases to amaze me that after I wash my car I'm really careful about how I drive.  I avoid construction zones, and potholes, and mud and water, anything on the road that can dirty my car.  But once it gets a little bit of dirt on it, I don't care where I drive.  I intentionally go through mud and dirt, because it's already dirty.  It's the same way with my soul when it comes to reconciliation.  So often when I walk out of the sacrament, I'm so conscious of Christ and the things that I say and do, trying to avoid sin, but once I do sin, then it doesn't really seem to matter, it's almost as though I sometimes even seek it out.  It's the human way.  It doesn't have to be that way.  The water's of God's mercy's never run out.  Jesus would rather have us at the car wash every day, than to drive around in a dirty car.  So if you haven't been for a while, get back to the sacrament.  Allow Jesus to wash that car, because heaven's parking lot has plenty of spaces, one waiting for you, and your shiny new car.  Get to the sacrament."  


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