Doubting the Existence of God

By Bible Geek

Doubting the existence of God

"Do you ever sometimes doubt God's existence in your life?  Do you ever sometimes doubt that God is working or moving in your daily life?  You know doubting is a human thing.  Doubting's not a sin.  Some of the greatest people throughout scripture doubted, some of our greatest saints had their doubts.  To doubt is to be human.  To call out on God, that's to count on His Divinity.  Re-read Matthew 14, that episode where Peter walks out onto the water, with His eyes fixed on Jesus, and the minute that he realizes the storm around Him and takes his eyes off of Jesus, that's when he gets himself into trouble.  When he doubts Jesus is going to save him, but when he calls out to our Lord, the first thing Jesus does is respond in faith.  Does Jesus love you or I any less than Peter?  Absolutely not.  Does Jesus love you?  Huh, there's absolutely no doubt.  Count on God."


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