Turn Down the Radio

By Bible Geek



Turning down the radio

"You know if you're like me when you get turned around in your car and you're not really sure where you're going, the first thing you do is turn your music down on the radio.  Now why is that?  What does the volume of the music have to do with my ability to navigate a car?  I don't know.  Maybe it's put there by God.  Because every once and a while in my own life when I get turned around I don't know which way to go or what direction to head, or I loose my focus, I have to turn down the radio of the world, cause it's a pretty loud place out there and try and listen to God.  Today, if you're looking for direction, or which way to turn, or which way to go, think about the words of Job 33, "Listen to me, be silent, and I will teach you wisdom."  Turn down the radio of the world. Listen.  Did you hear that?  God is in control.  He loves you."

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