Rollercoaster of Life

By Bible Geek

The Rollercoaster of life

"You know when you go to an amusement park there's only two kinds of people, the kind that ride the roller coasters and the kinds that don't.  But even when you get in the roller coaster line there's another two kinds of people.  The first kind is the kind that gets on the ride, closes their eyes, holds on to the bar and just waits for the ride to be over.  The second kind opens their eyes, throws their hands in the air and screams for the heavens, with every twist and every turn.  While being a Christian and the Christian life is a lot like a roller coaster.  It's gonna have its ups and its downs.  It's gonna have its twists and its turns, and you're really not in control, God is.  So what kind of a rider are you gonna be today?  Someone who closes their eyes, grits their teeth, and just waits for the ride to be over?  Or are you gonna be a true child of God, a Christian, who gets in the roller coaster, opens their eyes, throws their hands up in exultation to the heavens, screams with songs of praise, and enjoys every twist and every turn, as God is in control.  Let's all be honest, the roller coaster's a lot more fun than the merry go round. 

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