A Rainbow

By Bible Geek

The Rainbow

"What is the purpose of a rainbow?  Someone might be able to explain where rainbows come from with science, but what is the purpose of a rainbow?  What we learn about in Genesis 9, when Noah pops his head out of the first house boat, and sees the rainbow and God says this is a sign of the covenant between heaven and earth, between God and man, between me and my children, and my love for you.  This will be a sign for this generation and for future generations.  Next time you're driving or sitting on your patio, after a long rain and you see a rainbow, stop and reflect and thank God for the gift of that rainbow, the gift of the bridge between heaven and earth, which is our baptism.  In the same way the waters brought death and brought life around that ark, our baptism brings death and brings life, death to our old self, and life in our new self.  Which God reminds us and says you are a pilgrim church, earth is not your final destination, heaven is.  So each and every time you see the beauty and the wonder of my rainbow, thank God for the gift of your baptism, for gift of the ark of salvation of the church, and for the gift of heaven, which one day you'll enjoy with me.  God Bless You."

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