By Bible Geek

The Trinity - Control, Alt, Delete

"Computers- either you love 'em or you hate 'em.  One of the things that drives me crazy is when I get too many applications going on my computer.  When that happens I have to hit three buttons- control, alt, delete.  Three buttons in one function.  That's kind of like that in my faith life too.  Whenever I get too many things in my life going on, too many windows open, sometimes God wants me to slow down and it's in those moments I really have to stop and refocus on the trinity.  I have to give up control to God.  I have to allow the blood of Jesus to delete my sins, and I have to live in an alternate way, in the Holy Spirit.  Three buttons one function.  Three persons, one God.  So if your life's getting a little out of control right now, refocus on the trinity.  Slow down, reboot your computer.  Because when life closes doors, God opens windows.  Course, the control alt delete only works on, on PC's.  Maybe that's because it was the "apple" that got us into this mess.  God loves ya'."  


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