Spirit FM's Drive-Thru Difference

If you've been looking for a way to really brighten someone's day, we've got a great idea for you.

The first Friday of every month is a Drive-Thru Difference Day
and it's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Click HERE for the Drive-Thru Difference letter.
(The page may take a little while to load.)
Did you click the link and still can't see the letter? You may need a pdf file reader. Click HERE to download Adobe Reader, a free program.
If you still can't print the letter, email us at contact@spiritfm905.com to request a copy. For out-of-towners, feel free to craft your own letter!
2. As you go about your day and head through your favorite coffee shop or fast food drive-thru, simply pay for the person behind you. Usually, by the time you've reached the window, they've taken the next order, but you might have to wait a second or two. 
(Don't be surprised when you get a confused look from the person at the window!)
3. Hand the cashier the Drive-Thru Difference letter. Ask him/her to give the letter to the person you just treated and let God do the rest!
Be creative - you can go to a coffee shop, a fast food restaurant, maybe even a gas station or grocery store!
Call us and tell us how it went. 800-223-9286.
Click here to share a Drive-Thru Difference story.
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